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Best 5 Collaborative Space Designs Across India

A recent report by JLL said that the total amount of space taken up by collaborative or coworking spaces in India has risen to 3.4 million square feet from 1.1 million square feet over a span of merely one year. Companies in India are increasingly looking to cater to the emerging workforce of the country that is comprised of 46% millennials. And by offering flexible working spaces, the companies are not only attracting the right demographic but also creating a new wave of trends surrounding coworking spaces.

One such trends is the collaborative space design that is at the very core of shared spaces. Why you ask? The answer is simple – happier the employees, higher the productivity. Creative spaces boost not only productivity but allow increased camaraderie and lessen stress. Therefore, we bring 5 best collaborative space designs from around the country that have been the birthplace many a great ideas.

  1. The Playce in Mumbai

This coworking space spread over 5,000 square feet boasts of an in-house modern kitchen, a fully stocked snack bar, and an onsite café. If that wasn’t it, ergonomic seating complete with bean bags, and lounge chairs and couches, as well as dedicated gaming zones make the Playce the place to be in Mumbai. The collaborative space is rightfully designed to cater to the needs of a large range of people, from an entrepreneur to a writer, meeting all their space demands under one roof. So if you are charged by working in a large group or if some silent time recharges your thoughts, the Playce has it all.

  1. The Hive collaborative space at VR Bengaluru, Whitefield

A 100,000-square-feet space dedicated to Work-Play-Grow philosophy is the theme at the Hive. This coworking space is designed keeping in mind the fast-paced life of the millennials. So as soon as you are done with your meeting, you can simply hope over to lounge area for a standup show. The bright collaborative furniture put together in a functional format, with befitting technology to support the entire setup makes the Hive is an ideal place for a mulitasker.

  1. 91Springboard in Delhi and Gurgaon

After the Silicon Valley of India, the capital city of Delhi is where most startup ideas are incubated. 91Springboard has opened its designer doors across multiple locations in the city and also in the adjacent town of Gurgaon, boasting multi-story buildings full of latest equipment and comfortable working stations. The no-fuss straightforward design across common working areas, modern meeting rooms, and gaming zones make this collaborative space among the best in the city.

  1. WeWork in Gurgaon

Jumping over from Delhi to G-town, the coworking trend has rapidly captured the interest of office goers in the millennium city. WeWork Gurgaon is minimally designed, with dedicated small and large meeting rooms and nooks for individuals. The company describes its collaborative spaces as one that refreshes, engages, and connects. Collaborative spaces overlooking city views with full-wall windows stimulate the creativity with constant supply of micro lot coffee from a local roaster.

  1. Awfis at Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai

A sprawling 23,000-square-feet facility, Awfis’ industrial décor is an eccentric mix of lightings, fixtures, quirky furniture and seating installations. The collaborative space features a live counter, high tables, modular and plush seating, which then leads to an entertainment zone. Also, a spacious cafe serves as the perfect hangout zone for the members. The phone-booth style small meeting pods are roomy and located at every center across the arena. This collaborative space epitomizes industrial warehouse décor with a modern twist. 

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