5 Most Popular Collaborative Seating Themes

Collaborative working spaces have been around for longer than WeWork and the café culture. Remember the heavily adorned boardrooms and dens with large leather sofas? The traditional collaborative spaces have now given way to more modern and suave meeting spaces, thanks to technological advancements and an agile way of working.

As the work evolves, so does the workspace. More work is done on the move or outside a regular office for higher efficiency. This naturally indicates a change in how people use space around to collaborate, brainstorm and produce. Let’s take a look at five collaborative seating space designs from around the world that epitomize the coworking trend.

  1. Newsroom-style seating and desk clusters

As the name suggests, the design theme emerges from the traditional newsrooms, wherein the desks and chairs are put together for different sized teams to sit around and collaborate. In a fast-paced office where every minute a decision needs to be made, seating design in a cluster can be the optimal choice. So be it an impromptu meeting or a quick strategy discussion over coffee, the team that sits together sticks together. Most typical features of this seating design include large and wide tables with an array of eclectically styled chairs spread around. Also, overhead lighting fixtures and power slots can streamline the entire setup.

collaborative coworking seating furniture office redoak lounge

  1. Enclave seating

Emerging from the fundamental idea of personalized meetings, enclave seating can be most useful for those VC meetings or one-to-one interviews. Embedded within a larger collaborative space, enclave seating offers the best of both worlds – access to a wider office arena and a space for private or confidential meetings. This type of seating in a collaborative office could be generally a small open or enclosed space equipped with desk-height table with two to three plush chairs, as well as ample power slots and docking stations, for a handful of people to work together with ease.

  1. Half-open half-close seating

Often in collaborative work areas where there are many people working on a variety of projects and ideas, a team needs its own flexible space to come together and execute that top-notch plan. Half-open half-close seating design primarily features lounge-like seating with long sofas and tables surrounded by one or two privacy screens. Also multiple white boards and ample office stationery to make quick notes and facility to create those elaborate storyboards right where you are can enhance collaboration manifolds.  

  1. The social seating space

Much like the newsroom-style seating, the social seating design encourages more face-to-face interactions. However, this design works best with more cozy seating akin to a bar or a café for a relaxed work environment. According to a recent research, workspaces that promote forming friendships among employees have seen higher productivity levels. So sitting or standing desk paired with chairs and bar stools can benefit a collaborative space with increased interaction, a productivity boost and definitely impart a fun vibe to the workspace.

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  1. The all-hands on deck assembly seating

When thinking of areas for interactions among larger groups, say a townhall, assembly seating design can best serve the purpose. A wide and open meeting space with ample display surfaces can simplify discussions needing the whole team together. Furnishings include long conference tables, numerous chairs, and couches for hosting a large audience, as well as storage units and refreshment carts.

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In the times when technology is reclaiming the workspace, coming up with a seating design that enhances collaboration holds flexible furniture at its very center. Be it desk clusters or lounge chairs or functional tables, the success of a collaborative workspace depends on how well it combines form and function creatively. Our range of collaborative furniture can amplify your office into a thriving team-oriented workspace.