7 Best Collaborative Spaces Across The World

Telecommuting – a word that not just describes being away from the office but an upcoming lifestyle. This new style has capitalized on the much-needed freedom for the current generation workforce. And that has given way to immense creativity and broadened networks, allowing businesses to thrive and prosper with happy and stress-free employees.

With the advent of this concept, the growth of collaborative spaces have rapidly transformed the entire scenario. Collaborative spaces act as hubs of productivity, community, and technology, offering great network connectivity and opportunities to meet others who work in a multitude of industries. Moreover, the freedom has allowed one to explore their other passion, for instance, traveling. Imagine working from an exotic location in Bali and sipping on a hot cuppa made from coffee beans sources from just outside the coworking café? If that sounds great, take a look at 7 exciting coworking spaces from around the world to plan your vacation cum work trip.

  1. Blender Workspace in New York, USA

This Madison Avenue collaborative space situated in the heart of New York’s business district is ideal for digital nomads. With plenty of options from dedicated desks, meeting rooms, and privacy booths to event spaces, Blender Workspace exemplifies an upscale and sophisticated office. The 15,000 square foot coworking arena also combines mid-century modern furnishing with interiors that give it a cozy and homely feel, proving that you can indeed mix lifestyle with work style.

  1. Agora Collective in Berlin, Germany

Nestled in the art district of Berlin, this coworking space doubles up as an art gallery, exhibition center, and even a conference venue. The light-soaked and open floor interiors with plenty of greenery make Agora an ideal location to get away from distractions of a busy city life. The collaborative space also hosts several workshops, including those on sustainable food production, for people to immersively learn new skills as they work.

  1. Hubud in Bali, Indonesia

At first look, it may appear to be a rustic cottage, but do not let that stop you from exploring this bamboo haven. The place offers super-fast internet and an assortment of seating arrangements to suit every traveler cum telecommuter. The place features Skype booths, meeting rooms overlooking a pool, garden seating, and last but not the least – an organic food café. You can also explore their coliving packages that offer unlimited coworking space membership.

  1. Patchwork Trail in Paris, France

The coworking space lives up to its name in a literal sense. As you enter the lobby area, you’d be taken aback by an avalanche of color, giving way to even toned and monochrome meeting spaces and a lounge area. Patchwork signifies a conceptual space, basis of bringing together designers, architects, bloggers, photographers, creators, and entrepreneurs into an elegant yet quirky space. What’s more? The collaborative space also boasts of an in-house barista serving a high quality coffee round the clock.

  1. NeueHouse Hollywood in Los Angeles, USA

Step into this seven story 1938 CBS Radio Building for a workspace that will transport you to a Hollywood set. The glamorous interior made with repurposed sound stages, rich Berber textiles and North African decorative elements, come together with custom lighting and plush seating options. This modernist collaborative space offers a warm and timeless environment to get those ideas to fruition.

  1. Mortimer House, in London’s Fitzrovia, UK

 A six-floor Art Deco building, situated in central London, is designed on the philosophy of offering a holistic workspace to young entrepreneurs, artists, writers and more. The restored 18th and 19th century building now proudly boasts of colorful mosaics, plaster moldings, and terracotta ceilings that fit well with its wellness and work theme. This collaborative space offers a complete package – from Mad Men style professional lounges, chic yoga studio to a vibrant Mediterranean restaurant.

  1. Crew Collective in Montreal, Canada

Would you believe that this place once was where the suited up executives of Royal Bank of Canada worked? Although bankers may still occasionally come up here, the fresh new ideology of this expansive space spread over 12,000 square feet speaks for the fast-paced telecommuters that frequent it now. The collaborative space has retained its old glory with high ceilings, chandeliers, arched glass windows, marble flooring and bronze fixtures.

Collaborative working has enabled people to follow their passions and not be restricted to a fluorescent bulbs-lit office. And if your workspace can look like any of the places above, why not?

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