Modular seating furniture for collaboration and co-working

Collaborative spaces are a great alternative to traditional offices or home offices, and the trend is only growing. Freelancers, digital professionals, artists, developers and startups get a chance to work in an environment that fosters creativity, increases productivity and allows networking. Interior design and furnishings play a significant part in creating the atmosphere which leads to increased work satisfaction. If you're opening a space, read on to find out how to choose the right modular seating furniture for your coworking studio.

  1. Define your audience

As in any industry, one must find their right audience. The simple principle holds true for coworking spaces as well. Depending on the location and before you start furnishing your space, consider your target audience. Will it be millennials who like minimalistic interiors but want a range of seating options? Or are you targeting white-collar professionals who are looking for something chic, like well-lit meeting rooms complete with leather sofas? Or even if its freelancers looking for simple desks and a power outlet to get their work done?

Consider other aspects of your key demographic, including if they want more collaborative areas, kid-friendly spaces, and even spots for their pets. The more you explore who will be using your space, the more likely it is that they will come and keep coming back. At RedOAK, we offer a range of modular collaborative furniture – from café chairs to high-end leather sofas – to help you create your ideal space.

  1. Draw up a budget

Once you know your audience, you know what they would need to get everything done. Now it's time to start looking into the right furniture. If you are targeting millennials and freelancers, you can furnish the space with some edgy furniture, including a variety of seating options such as DAW chairs, wooden or metallic café chairs and bar stools to impart a relaxed and cozy feel to the interiors. If your space is meant to attract a more suited up clientele, investing in high quality office chairs, modern sofas and upholstered accent chairs can do the trick for you.

Moreover, if you are looking at bringing together bigger teams, you will also have to invest meeting room furniture that includes everything from display screens, long tables, and custom lighting to flexible seating options. These are clients who cherish comfort and style, so you should opt for a boutique space with designer furniture, classy accessories and places for relaxation. Our range of modular seating furniture provides something for every budget.

  1. Create a layout

One of the most unique aspects of a coworking space has to be the different shapes, sizes, and styles of thriving spaces under one roof. For planning a layout, an essential factor to keep in mind is the number of virtual employees you are expecting. If you cater to different types of professionals, then your best bet is offering varied layouts within one space. For example, you can mix zones with diverse furniture settings - sofas, floor cushions or bean bag chairs for those who choose a laidback atmosphere, office chairs and desks for the freelancers who are most productive in an office environment. Also consider installing private areas with comfy chairs for phone calls.

A seamless and inviting layout is part of the bigger theme of your collaborative space. Choosing the right organization and complementary modular furniture is vital to it. How you build out and organize your space is how you ensure your clients come back again. Reach out to our interior experts to help you choose the best modular seating furniture to fit your layouts.

  1. Complete your space with some final picks

Although no two places are the same, a collaborative space is essentially to bring together people. Here are some must-haves modular furniture pieces: extra chairs, accent chairs, lamps and lighting, office accessories such as printers, stationery, bookcases, and shelves, as well as space dividers and temporary screens.

Modular seating furniture mixed and matched with the right paraphernalia can provide style and comfort regardless of who your clientele is. An efficient and welcoming place is one that enables professionals to meet their targets, so your shared office design and modular seating furniture must facilitate their work enabling them to reach their goals. At RedOAK, we help you define the personality of your coworking place that be one of the deciding factors that attracts your clientele.