Latest Sofa Styles For Living Room Trending In 2021


Planning to buy a sofa for your living room? Here are some trending sofa styles that you should not miss while making your buying decision. In this article, you will also find some amazing sofa suggestions that will surely get you compliments from your visitors. 

There is a lot of variety available in sofas and couches these days with multiple fabric and color options to choose from, making it slightly difficult to evaluate what one should purchase. Since we all expect 2021 to bring more positivity and upliftment, the decor of your interiors should match the same idea. Especially when looking for living room furniture, one has to ensure that the furniture style is not obsolete.

Below mentioned are the sofa styles that are trending in 2021. 

1. Pastel shades


If the walls of your living room are of dark color, then a pastel shade sofa will enhance the overall ambiance. You can go for mauve, baby blue, magic mint, feminine purple, and peach colors. These colors will not only soothe your eyes but will also give your living room a calm and cool appearance. You can match it with a dark-colored center table to create a beautiful contrast effect. 

2. A vintage touch


The classy vintage touch sofa is in trend and will continue to be a choice for a long time because the charm and beauty of vintage furniture are extremely attractive and exquisite. Choose a sofa with an antique look that has a wooden frame and a slight masculine note. RedOAK® has a wide classic sofa collection and the ones most appropriate for the living room are Lugano, Cheston, and Triton. Apart from having a vintage appeal, these sofas are highly comfortable and long-lasting.

3. Oversized


The big and oversized sofas are also in trend. Besides providing ample comfort, these sofas are good to lean back and relax. Choose a sofa that has a seating capacity of 3 to 4 persons. Ideal for the living room, big sofas accentuate the decor theme. You can go for a one with a highly padded base, cushioned arms, and cushioned mid-back sofa. Pair oversized sofa with matching ottomans to add to the charm of your living room.

4. Tufted design


Tufted upholstery design is very common these days in chairs, ottomans, beds, and even sofas. Apart from giving comfort from extra cushioning, tufts also bring additional elegance to your sofa. Choose a sofa that has tufts either on its seat or on its back or both. The living room of any home gets plenty of attention, therefore choosing a sofa with a tufted design can be a great idea as it will enormously improve the appearance of your space. RedOAK® offers beautifully tufted designed sofas crafted with premium quality materials. A few of them are Cecilia, Felix, and Harrington

5. Curved edges


Another trending sofa type is the one that has curved edges on its entire structure. Sofas with curved edges give a soft and comfortable sitting experience. Moreover, they keep the aura of the room quite informal and calming. Choose a curve-edged sofa with highly padded cushions to add to its grace. Sofas that have their internal frame and legs least visible are also preferred by modern theme-based decor enthusiasts. 


Spending most of the time in the living room makes it important to think deeply about the appropriate choice of sofa to place it in. Therefore, on the basis of these trends and your interiors, you can select a sofa that best suits your requirements. You can also place ottomans, tables, antique showpieces, carpet, and plants in your living room to enhance the entire look of your living room.