5 Unique Ways to Use Accent Chairs for Home


If you want to uplift the charm of your home by adding chairs that are comfortable yet eye-catching, then you are at the right place. This article talks about some useful and unique ways of using accent chairs through which you can add grace to your boring living space at your home. 

Accent chairs are used not only for seating purposes but also to complement the interiors. These chairs are highly flexible, functional, and versatile. No need to bother about the number of chairs, because even a single accent chair placed in an empty corner can make a drastic change in the appearance of the room. 

Nowadays, there is ample variety available in the market for accent chairs. Accent chairs come in various sizes, colors, back specifications, material, and upholstery. So you can easily choose the one that suits your requirements. Want to add a dash of color to the bare space in your home? Pop up your spaces by using accent chairs in the following unique ways:

1. Living Room

accent chair living room

Typically a living room has a sofa set and a center table. There are times when there is a need for extra seating especially when you get visitors. To help this, accent chairs are a perfect option. Match your accent chair with your sofa color or your decor theme. This will not only provide you a great seating solution but you will also notice that the overall impression of your living room has become much more beautiful. Choose an elegant accent chair for living room to create a difference that you will love. 


2. In front of a window accent chair for window

All of us have a favorite corner usually in front of a window where we love to spend time and contemplate looking outside. You can place a comfy accent chair with google back support there.

Enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book, sitting comfortably on your elegant accent chair, and intake fresh air coming from the window. 


3. Balcony

accent chair in balcony

These days home decor enthusiasts have started focusing on balcony furniture a lot. Use accent chairs for the balcony to provide a good sitting option. You can place two accent chairs paired with a small table to complete the look. If you have some plants present in your balcony, then go for an accent chair with wooden legs, it will accentuate your outdoor living space. With a comfortable accent chair in your balcony, you can sit back and relax, watch the sky, see your plants blooming and experience the delight of taking morning tea in the balcony with a soothing cold breeze.  


4. Bedroom

accent chair in bedroom

If you are the one who doesn’t want to mess the properly arranged bedding set by sitting on it, then a good option is to put an accent chair beside your bed. So without worrying to organize your bed neatly which would otherwise rumple due to casual sitting, use a patchwork accent chair that contrasts with your bed linen and decor theme. 


5. Study room

accent chair in study room

An accent chair crafted with an ergonomic design draws attention to a lifeless study room. Place a bold-colored accent chair next to your study table. You can choose a chair with a cushioned seat for extra comfort. Classic designs, mid-century modern styles, and patchwork fabric are all lovely choices of accent chairs that can transform your decor beautifully.  You can also place one casual and sturdy accent chair near your bookshelf. In this way, you will be able to enhance the entire look of your room. 



Accent chairs serve beyond their seating functionality. By complementing the other furniture in the home, accent chairs playfully bind tie the overall decor together. Here is a quick tip! While buying a modern accent chair make sure it is lightweight so that you can port it easily. So whenever you get bored with your accent chair, place it in some other space in your home and you will realize how beautifully you can mix and match these accent chairs with your existing built-in furniture.