How To Choose The Right Ergonomic Chair For Work

Being an office worker requires you to spend several hours of your day constantly sitting and working in an office chair. This position puts extra strain on the spine’s structures. To prevent going down with or exacerbating spinal problems, it's critical to possess an ergonomic office chair that strengthens and supports the lower spine and contributes to a proper posture.

You wouldn’t have expected to spend your time pondering over the right choice of office chairs, however office chair is one of the key elements in your office setup, so it is essential identifying how to choose one that works rightly for you. In these times of pandemic, everyone is bound to work from home and earlier you might have thought any regular house chair would work, but now as the online working persists, it is the time to contemplate and choose the right office chair. It’s crucial to possess a comfortable and cozy office chair that consists of adequate padded cushion, and in addition to that, it must comprise of a lumbar support to assist and support you in managing the right posture and avoid muscle sprain.

Before you invest in an office chair, you must consider some important aspects. For instance, what is the right kind of chair for you, what extent of adjustability is required, and what is the right position of the support? Beside these main factors, the right office chair must look stylish and add value to overall office vibe.

Below we have brought in our topmost suggestions for choosing the right office chair, so that you invest your money and time in the right thing. Therefore before getting your hands on an office chair, keep reading to know about everything that requires to be considered before choosing an office chair.

Lumbar/ spinal support. Lumbar support is very essential in an ergonomic office chair and it provides you with the comfort you require to work for long period of time. The lumbar support possesses a concave curve, and to sit and work constantly for several hours without brace of this curve can eventually bring about slumping (which smoothens the essential curve) and can eventually cause muscle sprain in the lower back. The right ergonomic chair like Ergo White by RedOAK consists of a lumbar support adjustment and provides both back and arm support.  If you want a right office chair, Ergo White can be your best choice as it provides you with great comfort, and provides you a choice between cushion seat and mesh seat. Thus it is the perfect chair for long duration tasks whether it is office work or study etc. without getting backache.

Adjustability. The right office chair must be adjustable with pneumatic adjustments like seat back adjustment, height adjustment, seat pan tilt etc. Pneumatic adjustments are in trend these days as they enable several adjustments whilst working. To state a simple idea, when the height of a chair is adjusted in such a way that the chair pan is parallel to your knee area, it must be able to be adjusted upwards and downwards. If you want an adjustable right office chair, Kara by RedOAK can be your best choice. Kara has essential features like modern curved back and pneumatic height adjustment. Its tilt lock mechanism allows it to lean back and forth. Golfer by RedOAK can be another right choice for an office chair, as its adjustable lumber support and headrest, adjustable seat pan and padded, adjustable arms make it a perfect addition and the right office chair for your work space. It also comprises of waterfall seat which reduces strain on your legs enabling maximum support and comfort.

Comfortable seat material. You spend a lot of time during your working day on an office chair so it must be very comfortable allowing you to complete your long duration tasks comfortably. Therefore, the material of an office chair, its seat, arms and back must be soft and have adequate padding and cushioning so that it can be relaxing and comforting to sit on for longer duration of time. An office chair with a fabric or leather material is way better than the harder one. If you want to get your hands on a comfortable, stylish and luxurious-looking office chair in a reasonable budget, Viva by RedOAK can be the best choice. Its back and seat are covered with finest composite leather and it also comes with an extra head cushion for extra support and ease. Its chrome plated arms give it a nice, luxurious look and the padded armrest increases your comfort and makes it easy to work.  It also consists of a knee tilt with the multi position lock and thus reduces maximum pressure on your legs to prevent muscle strain. Its lavish black leather and stylish structure will give your office space a whole new modern vibe.

Width, height and depth

A right office chair should have enough space for you to work as well as sit back and relax. Its height, width and depth should be according to your work requirements and along with that it must be stylish looking. If you want to work like a boss, and get your hands on a luxurious looking wide and high chair, Legend by RedOAK will definitely work for you. Its brown faux leather will give your office a classy look and will blend with any design. Its integrated arms, golden metallic legs and hand-tailored look makes it look a boss chair.   Its extra width and high density foam enables extra comfort and ease.

To conclude, the right office chair can pay you off and change your life more than you imagine. Just consider our topmost recommendations while selecting an office chair and invest your money in an office chair that is durable, comfortable and adjustable. Once invested right and you will cherish it for long. RedOAK can truly help you with that as we are committed to provide you with the finest-quality office chairs.