7 Amazing Health Benefits of Rocking Chair You Should Know


This article talks about some interesting therapeutic benefits of a rocking chair. A rocking chair is not just a piece of furniture for comfortable sitting, but it serves far beyond its functionality. The rocking chair is used primarily for relaxed sitting, thereby rejuvenating and calming the entire body. But there are some amazing health benefits of rocking chairs that everyone should know.

1. Improving mental health 

Various researches have shown that a rocking chair can help to get relieved from stress and anxiety because the smooth and calming motion of rocking while sitting on a rocking chair releases endorphins.

When endorphins are released in the brain, the mood improves resulting in reduced stress.

2. Reducing weight

A rocking chair serves as a medium for moderate exercise. The people who are ill or elderly who can’t do rigorous workouts can use a rocking chair for mild exercise. The process of rocking strengthens the muscles, tones the body, and boosts energy. It also helps in burning calories. Regular sitting on a rocking chair can help in maintaining body weight to a good extent.

3. Helps in treating insomnia

We all know that swaying a rocker helps in making a baby sleep quickly. The back and forth motion of a rocking chair reduce stress levels, thereby inducing sleep. So if you are one who struggles to get a sound sleep then you can try using a rocking chair. A rocking chair is also beneficial for reducing depression and anxiety.

4. Reducing back pain

The rocking chair helps to improve body posture. Researches have shown that rocking chair helps in reducing back pain and neck pain as well. The movement of the body while sitting on a rocking chair increases blood circulation in the body and reduces inflammation and body pain. People suffering from the chronic back can get their body stiffness improved with the help of a rocking chair.

5. Provides emotional comfort

Sitting on a rocking chair not only relaxes the body but also provides calmness to the mind. Essentially, it provides emotional comfort to the mind and the soul. The movement of a rocking chair improves concentration and helps an individual to soothe his mind. You can put the rocking chair in front of a window, in the balcony, or in the porch for feeling more refreshed and calm.

6. Relief in arthritis

For people who are suffering from arthritis, rocking chairs can be useful in reducing their discomfort. The mild exercise from the rocking movement tends to strengthen the muscles and joints. The increase in blood circulation sends more oxygen to the knees and joints which results in providing relief from the pain.

7. Post surgery healing

People who undergo abdominal surgery sometimes suffer from bowel dysfunction. A rocking movement helps the patients who have undergone an operation in resuming bowel activity sooner. Moreover, the increase in blood flow while rocking promotes healing post-surgery.


A rocking chair provides enormous health benefits for people of all age groups. Babies, teenagers, the elderly, people suffering from illness can use a rocking chair for reliving their pain, inducing quicker sleep, reducing stress, and give complete relaxation to the body and the mind.

Disclaimer: Readers are advised to consult medical doctors before following any tips here.