Best Lounge Chairs for Modern Offices

Gone are the days when office furniture was just about staid chairs and tables. Modern day offices are looking at making an impression – on both their clients as well as their staff. In fact, lounge seating now has more potential to be just the place for guests waiting for their appointments, high profile clients, or even an employee making a personal call.

Studies show how ergonomic work environments, achieved especially through comfortable and pleasant seating, can increase the productivity of the employees. And why not encourage more relaxed meetings in a casual surrounding over a cup of cappuccino? Also, office time is not just about sitting at your desk from 9 to 5, one needs to get up and relax besides stretching those muscles gone stiff. What better way than sprawling in a lounge chair, which could be spread across the reception area of your office or even in the cafeteria or a recreational room, before heading back to finish the work for the day.  

So if you are browsing for ideas to enhance the look of your office without having to remove all the furniture that you have at present and turn it into a happening place to work, or if you are just getting your office started, consider having a few lounge chairs spread. Here are some of the lounge chairs that we consider to be the best for offices.

Swivel chairs

Modern swivel chairs come with neat lines, streamlined looks, and a no-fuss low maintenance designs. The evergreen designs, often personalized with an assortment of colors and various upholstery options, enable swivel chairs to be a top choice for modern office lounges or casual seating areas. Discover our Walter, Knoll Plus, and Smart to create a comfortable spot for those impromptu meetings.

Wing Chairs

The shape of the wing chairs is based on the wingback seats. Headrests on the sides of the wing chairs provide a visual and audio shield, and also help in meetings that require concentration, focused work or recreation. You could either connect and communicate with others with the wing chairs or get swivel function attached to turn away from others when you do not wish to be disturbed. Thinking of getting something on these lines? Take a look at our Blaze lounge chair.

Club Chairs

These are most commonly found in offices and are very comfortable as they have arm rests. They are usually covered in leather. They do not take much of space despite being roomy and having deep seats. Our Reno, Voila, Bliss, and Max fit just the description and could be your ideal office chairs.

Chaise Chairs

Unlike ‘traditional’ lounge chairs, which strictly meet the definition of a lounge chair – an armless chair with an ottoman, chaise chairs are longer in size and come without an ottoman. Although it is a tempting idea to put up your feet and unwind, who would be comfortable putting their feet up (literally!) in an office space! Chaise, as the word means ‘long chairs’, look not only modern but are very practical and relaxing at the same time.

Bao Chairs

These chairs are very spacious and round in shape. The seamless curves of Bao chairs, just like our Rio and Glen, make it look visually appealing. Unlike other lounge chairs for modern offices, these ones add an artistic touch and enhance the overall look of an office. There’s no harm in going an extra mile to make your office look more inviting and relaxing.

Lounge chairs best serve the purpose of adding a fun and welcoming vibe to your office. These chairs are stylish and contemporary, and not to forget they are comfortable. RedOAK offers plenty of great options to choose from, along with a range of customizing ideas.