5 best accent chair designs

Are you looking to add some style to your neutral-colored or plain-textured furniture without making a drastic change to your room? Or are you planning to add more seating space for your guests? You can think about adding an accent chair (or even two) to your living space!  Besides serving the very function that it is made for, an accent chair is a work-of-art that splashes color and adds character to any room, whether you prefer a loud design or something subtle.

Unless you are very sure of the design of an accent chair that you want to welcome to your room, you are bound to get confused while browsing for it as there are countless types of accent chairs available.

Here is our list of five best designs of accent chairs:

  1. Club chair – It has a deep seat, a low back and large armrests. These three features make this chair extremely roomy and comfortable. It also adds a touch of style to the room. Though you can choose from a variety of upholsteries for a club chair, bonded leather gives it a classic look. The name ‘club’ perhaps originated from gentleman’s club in France where such chairs were first used. You can keep it in a corner of the room or alongside a sofa.
  2. Slipper chair – Unlike a club chair, the slipper chair is armless. It has a lot of padding to make one sit comfortably. What distinguishes a slipper chair from other armless chairs is that it has a lower seating with short legs, which makes it easy to ‘slip’ this chair into any corner or even under another piece of furniture, such as a corner table. So if you have limited space at home or if you live in a studio apartment, this is a great option. You can use it to sit while ‘slipping’ your shoes on before stepping out of your house!
  3. Egg chair – It has a signature curved shape with a cocoon-style seating space that combines both form and function. It has a deep seat and high-back form. Though it is well suited for outdoor spaces and living, it looks spunky in the bedroom too. You can choose to buy an egg chair with a swivel as well.  After a hard day’s work, if you feel like sinking into a chair, this is the one!  Though it was created by a European designer in the late 50s for hotels, it looks great in a home environment as well. It is designed for both comfort and aesthetics.
  4. Barrel chair – This chair is notable for its barrel-shaped design. Just like the back of a barrel, the back of this chair is round in shape and has a fully curved back. The front has a cutout area for sitting. It has a high back and high arms. It is considered to be an ‘easy’ chair. As someone said, if furniture could give you a hug, a barrel back chair would be the first in line. The design of this chair can give one utmost comfort like no other chair. You can also make a strong style statement by choosing the right upholstery. Place this chair at one end of a room, where it would soften the flow of the room that is filled with square and rectangular furniture.
  5. Wingback chair – This is one of the most, if not the most, stylish accent chair. This chair has signature ‘wings’ at the sides and has a high back. It was originally made to be kept near a fireplace and keep the cold draught away. However, now these ‘wings’ provide a comfortable surface to rest the head, especially if you want to take a cat nap!  You can use it beside a large sofa as it will give the room a sense of balance in level then or you can just keep it in a corner and use it as a reading space.

Keeping many factors such as space, need and mood in mind, you can choose from a plethora of accent chairs available. Chairs like Gavin, Jason, Barson, Darwin, Bliss and many more in our collection are a great addition to any room as they make one notice not just this one piece but the whole room. So choose your accent chair wisely.

If you already own one at your place, do tell us which one it is and what do you use it for? Is it for reading or sipping your early morning tea? Or if you are planning to buy one then which one do you have in mind? Is it from one of our designs mentioned above?