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    About RedOAK®

    RedOAK® is known to architects and interior designers as one of the finest furniture brands, with a unique range or modern and contemporary designs, high adherence to quality and service levels, and the ability to custom manufacture project furniture as per the designer's requirements.


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      About SAYUKO:

      This modern yet retro coffee table is a simple design, yet its soft lines and contrasting legs make this a truly memorable piece of designer furniture. It is durable, lightweight and brilliantly practical for coffee with a centered dipped surface on the top of the table. The SAYUKO center table is molded from high-quality plywood, with a broad disk-shaped top. The modern wooden coffee table features four sturdy legs to support its weight. Like the top of the table, the legs are also made of durable plywood. They are affixed to the table near the center of the disk, extending outward and curving down near the edge. It goes well with just about any form of interior décor. It is perfect to have around the house if you want something subtle, yet beautiful and guaranteed to last.

    • Size: 800 Dia x 450 H
    • Material: Bent plywood
    • Finish: Wood finish
    • Delivery: 10-15 days
    • Assembly: Easy DIY assembly, kit and instruction included, no carpenter or extra tools required

    For custom quotation, project requirements, customisation and bulk pricing, please contact us at care@redoak.in, or fill our contact form

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