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jersey teak wood restaurant dining chair custom made wooden chair high quality sturdy chair for fine dine restaurants and residences
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RedOAK® is known to architects and interior designers as one of the finest furniture brands, with a unique range or modern and contemporary designs, high adherence to quality and service levels, and the ability to custom manufacture project furniture as per the designer's requirements.


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    The Jersey is a timeless classic solid wood dining chair with armrest. With beautiful seamless curves, the Jersey seems to be sculpted to perfection by an artist, and not manufactured at a factory. The Jersey can be custom made in various upholstery colors and wood polish options. Add a dash of color in the upholstery and you have a beautiful accent chair to adorn your living space. Works equally well in fine dine restaurants due to its robust construction out of teak wood. Dining chairs from RedOAK are manufactured from high quality seasoned wood, which makes them very sturdy and durable.

    Wood : Teak / White Ash / Steam Beech

    Delivery : 3 weeks


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