Top 5 Trending Fabric Textures in 2024

Several fabric textures have been trending in the furniture industry:

  1. BOUCLE : Boucle fabric features a looped or knotted texture, creating a unique and tactile surface. It has gained popularity in modern and minimalist furniture designs for its contemporary look and feel.

  2. VELVET : Known for its luxurious feel and rich texture, velvet has been a popular choice for upholstery in recent years. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to furniture pieces.

  3. LINEN : Linen offers a natural and relaxed look, making it a popular choice for casual and contemporary furniture designs. It's appreciated for its durability and breathability.

  4. LEATHER : Leather upholstery continues to be a classic choice for furniture, offering durability, sophistication, and a timeless appeal. In recent years, distressed leather finishes have gained popularity for their rustic charm.

  5. CHENILLE : Chenille fabric has a soft, textured surface that adds warmth and coziness to furniture pieces. It's often used in upholstery for its plush feel and durability. 

  6. PERFORMANCE FABRICS : With an increasing emphasis on durability and easy maintenance, performance fabrics like Crypton, Sunbrella, and other stain-resistant materials are trending in the furniture industry. These fabrics offer excellent durability, stain resistance, and easy cleanability, making them ideal for high-traffic areas and families with children or pets.

These are just a few examples, and trends in fabric textures can vary depending on factors such as design aesthetics, consumer preferences, and industry innovations.